The knee joint

The knee is a hinge type joint. It has three parts. 

  1. The medial or inside part of the joint
  2. The lateral or outside part of the joint
  3. The patellofemoral joint or the knee cap.

What are the ligaments of the knee

The knee has four stabilizing ligaments. These are:

  1. ACL : Anterior Cruciate Ligament
  2. PCL : Posterior Cruciate Ligament
  3. MCL : Medial Collateral Ligament
  4. LCL : Lateral Collateral Ligament

At the time of the knee replacement, we resect the ACL and PCL and the replacement components replace the function of these ligaments. To function correctly, the knee replacement implants require intact MCL and LCL. 

What is a Knee Replacement

A knee replacement is in fact a resurfacing. We shave the ends of the bone and put a metal cap on the top, a metal plate on the bottom and a piece of plastic in the middle. We also change the inner surface of the knee cap with a plastic button. The cap is cobalt chrome, the plate is titanium an the plastic is high density polyethylene.